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Good-Bye Richie Havens

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Monday, 28 October 2013 13:05

It was a day to say Good-bye to the late Richie Havens and his art work. About 200 long time friends and fans of Richie Havens came to Lyndon House Sunday, October 27, to remember Richie, who died in April of this year, and participate in the closing reception of Richie Havens: Recent Works. Walter Parks, pictured left, was Richie's lead guitarist from 2001-2011 and gave a special performance while fans enjoyed refreshments provided by the Lyndon House Arts Foundation.

Richie was a friend to Lyndon House and the Athens Community.  In 1994 he performed two benefit concerts at the Georgia Theatre, increasing awareness for the Lyndon House Arts Center's expansion project and enabling the Lyndon House Arts Foundation to fund the schematic drawings for the proposed building.

In 2000 Richie's exhibition Traveler was shown in the newly expanded arts center, and he performed another benefit that same visit at the Morton Theater and was a guest teacher for an art class for neighborhood children that same visit. There were other visits, too, including a surprise at the 2008 holiday open house.

Pictured here is Richie Havens with Celia Brooks and Mamie Simonds at the 2008 Holiday Open House.

This event was sponsored in part by a grant from the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded to Lyndon House Arts Center and Athens Regional Library called The Boomers: Reflecting, Sharing, Learning.


m.odarn/ICCRT 8.2

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Monday, 30 September 2013 11:27

An Investigation of





This is an announcement of a highly innovative exhibition that will take place both online and at the Lyndon House Arts Center. We hope you will join in the dialogue, creativity and learning.

Follow the blog and comment through the forum. We'll discuss ideas of randomness in art and life. The blog will expand on the themes of color, creativity, randomness and technology. Visit this website often for announcements.

Investigate in a gallery at Lyndon House Arts Center with touch screens that give countless color choices. Work alone or collaborate with friends. Look for an announcement when the gallery is ready. It will be announced on this blog and in our Athens Boomer Newsletter (for everyone).  If you are not receiving the newsletter, sign up on the left side of this blog.

Please stay tuned.

m.odarn/ICCRT 8.2 is part of the third year exhibition for The Boomers: Reflecting, Sharing, Learning and is funded in part by the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The above illustration is from a book by Birren Farber, The Elements of Color, A treatise on the Color System of Johannes Itten based on his book The Art of Color.


How to Join A Boomer Web Conference

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 10:02

The Athens Library and Lyndon House Arts Center are proud of their three year project that expands their walls to include people who are caring for a shut in, tied to a workplace, waiting for the plumber or any other reason that keeps people from attending a life long learning program they would enjoy otherwise enjoy.

Now you can join from a mobile device as well as your computer and be "in the room with us."

There are two ways to join the web conference:

1. If joining from a computer CLICK HERE.

2. If joining from a mobile device, open your WebEx Meetings App, enter meeting number 664 667 071, and the password 123456.

Don't have the WebEx Meetings App?

For the iphone or ipad CLICK HERE to download. It's free

For android devices download app from Google Play or Amazon App Store.  It's free.

For a blackberry CLICK HERE.

Of course, you can always watch the recorded program from our archive of Community Snapshots found on this website.



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